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Newly added lyrics!!
Check back to this post frequently for new updates, ok??

Anything in bold are newly added lyrics~!!

Romaji lyrics:

-Are you Alice?: Smile a Sweet Smile (Cheshire Cat)

Translated lyrics:
-Are you Alice?: Smile a Sweet Smile (Cheshire Cat)

Corrections to lyrics:

Go here for more updated lyrics: [livejournal.com profile] my_animelyrics comm

Enjoy~~~ =^W^= v
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I've honestly lost count as to where I am so I'll just post the ones I've done, mainly revolving around Moriyama-sensei... I think I'll just keep writing more until I'm satisfied to make up for the rest but I'm going to stop counting for now.

Poems pertaining to CC and Moriyama-sensei )

I'll definitely read and comment to the ones you guys have done (particularly Rhap and Sus~<33) I'm sorry I haven't been able to encourage you guys more and keep at it, but I don't regret starting it one bit~<333 I'm really enjoying reading your works and thank you for reading mine~<333
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4/12/11 )

4/13/11 )

4/14/11 )

4/15/11 )
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As a little up lifter to counteract the one from yesterday, lol. Both in Tanka form.


Ochikomu tabi ni
Mune itami
Hitasura negau
Tomo e no omoi

With the spring rain
Every time one feels down
This heart hurts
Earnestly wishing
Sentiments to a friend


Feel the warm spring breeze.
Lift thy head high to the sun
and stand proud, my friend.
For thy great achievements paint
a picture to your true worth.
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Consumed in sorrow,
not even the spring breeze soothes
this unsettled heart.

Hey... I know I still have other comments to reply to and I have poems for the other days, but yeah... just this. I hope the coming week will be all right... This weekend was just... awful.
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I am.... actually really proud of this one~ XDDD;;; As corny as it may sound, I accomplished a fib form!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY~! And used Emi's prompt with inanimate object~ =^W^= <3333 Hope you enjoy~<33

My Vow

so fragile
and innocent as
a lamb; the pure angel himself.
I exist here only to serve and be by your side.

vanquish fear.
To create escape
by shielding you from the harsh world.
Since the day I was bought I have vowed to protect thee.

small hands
you hold on
to these frills of mine.
I catch your tears as you cry out.
Be your cape so you may soar the sky to fight evil.

Even as
you grow older now,
despite all of the mockery,
you trust and keep me at your side as you proudly walk.

from thy
waist as you
go explore the world.
Refusing to throw me away.
Worn out and torn, still cherishing me as the first day.

you bear
a little
princess of your own,
my vows stand as it had with you.
The promise to serve and be by her side at all times.

Vanquish fear.
Till I no longer
hold a recognizable form,
my life will always be yours, dear young master of mine.
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Make up ones for the days I missed! Though cut since they're naughty lD;;;; Totally Sus's fault~ XDDDDDDD

Tanka )

Invisible Siren )
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First is Tanka 5-7-5-7-7:


Hinagiku wo
Heyani kazarishi
Egao motarasu
Kokoro no kiyome

The daisy
Decorate thy room with
And gaze upon it.
It shall bring smiles
and cleanse thy soul.

And this is one I created a few days ago but forgot to share when I was thinking of Japan.


Oonami de
Keshiki kiesari
Tsuru mo naku

With the big wave
Scenery/landscape vanishing
Even the crane cries.
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On this warm spring night
Allowing a single tear
I lay down my mask

Reaching and spreading my wings
I yearn for the warm spring air
To grant me freedom
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Awaremi ni
Toki ni cho mo chiru

For pity
At times even the butterfly will fall
One must learn


Shisha banashi
Hareteru asa mo

Talk of the dead
Even the sunny morning
Becomes cold

Yeah... today's lesson in class was on death and dying =TTWTT=;;; so this is what I came up with to reflect the kind of day I had. Though honestly, today was a really good day overall with a 89 on my exam~<3 /o/
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Harusame ni
Darusa ni taeyo
Waga tomo yo

To the spring rain
Bear the dullness
My dear friends

Rain always seems to make me mellow out, sleepy and dull so a little haiku for you guys~ XDD;;; <333
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Tsuru mo naki
Hitohada nugite
Iyashi nari

As even the crane cries
Offer the clothes off thy back
May it aid in the recovery

Nothing major but something that came to mind while thinking of the situation in Japan~<33
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First off,

A Happy Happy Belated Birthday to Loke [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

And as a gift, I've roughly translated the Green Gunter book that she's been wanting me to translate for a long time but haven't gotten to till now OTL You'll have to excuse my grammar use =TTWTT= but enjoy~<3333

Green Gunter book: You could do it if you put your heart into it! )
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Updated: 12-3-09:

Hey~ here are the drabbles I finished for the meme from this post~<333

*Note: All of these are subjected to minor edits and changes if I feel is necessary nor do they guarantee accuracy~ =TTWTT= <333 Just so you guys know~

A = Apple, Peacemaker Kurogane, Ayu-nee, PG )

B = Banana, Naruto, Kakashi and Sasuke, PG+ )

D = Dancing, Ouran, Hani, PG )

E = Eating, Chrno Crusade, Shader/Fiore, PG )

F = Fifteen, Gravitation, K, PG+ )

H = Hat, Chrno Crusade, Chrono/Aion, PG+ )

K = Kitten, Chrno Crusade, Viede, PG+ )

L = Live, Chrno Crusade, Satella, PG )

M = March, Natsume Yuujinchou, Nyanko/Natsume, PG+ )

N = Now, Chrno Crusade, Father Remington, any )

P = Petticoat, Chrno Crusade, Joshua x Fiore, any )

Q = Queen, Chrno Crusade, Aion, any )

R = Rubber band, Tales of the Abyss, Jade+anyone, PG-13+ )

S= Style, Kyou Kara Maou, Gwendal x Anissina, PG+ )

T = Tailcoat, Chrno Crusade, Joshua/Fiore, any )

U = Undies, Chobits, anyone, any )

V = Voice, Chrno Crusade, Aion, any )


Y - Yellow, Haruka 1, Tomomasa, PG+ )
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I've been playing around with photoshop for a while now and just wanted to show and share my progress, I guess you could call it~ LOL Hope you enjoy!


-Chrno Crusade (Aion, Chrno, Viede, Rosette/Mary): 22
-Naruto (Kakashi): 18
-God Child (Oscar): 3
-Seiyuu (Inoue Kazuhiko): 3
-Kyou Kara Maou (Gunter, Anissina, couples): 8

Friends Banner:

-Eyeshield21: 2

Sharing icons )

Code credit to paranormalkitty with modifications done.

-Comments are appreciated if you take.
-Please credit: [livejournal.com profile] kawaii_gaara if you use.
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Chrno Crusade Original Drama CD [Magdala Girls Academy VS Pandemonium Academy ~Part II~]

Omg... I cannot tell you how fabulous this drama CD iss~~ -TTWTT- <3333 It is just soo full of win that I had to translate it. It's sooo cracky and fun and ajflkaj;fjaj GOD HEIKA'S SOO FABULOUS AS AION~ -TTWTT- <33333333. So here it goes!

Please comment if you want the file~<3

Onto Translations )

Please do not use my translations without given permission or credit to [livejournal.com profile] kawaii_gaara. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
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I finally managed to finish writing the FFVIII drabble that I was dared to write from this post by [livejournal.com profile] ladynathena~<333

You'll have to excuse me since I haven't played this game in sooo soo long and I'm not exactly sure just how in-character it is nor if it's any good but -^^-;;;;; I do hope you enjoy it~ ->W<-;;;

For anyone else who'd like to dare me as well~ feel free to request one here! lol <333

Opened Eyes [Spoiler Warning] )
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Hey I managed to write two of the drabbles that I was dared to write from this post.

They're both from Chrno Crusade with possible spoilers involved so if you plan on reading it then, I'm sorry. As much as it pains me to say this, I'd avoid reading my drabbles -TTWTT-

I haven't forgotten about the drabble I still owe you, [livejournal.com profile] ladynathena, so don't worry~ ->W<- <33333

For anyone else who'd like to dare me as well~ feel free to request one! lol <333

For those who know Chrno Crusade, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Please give me a small critique on how I could possibly improve it before I post it on DA~<333 Thank you so much!

Broken Doll )

Words [Spoiler Warning] )
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So for the past two days now, I've been having urges to write so you'll have to forgive me for bombarding the f-list with a lot of drabbles;;;; Here are two more Chrno Crusade drabbles along with a Naruto drabble that was requested by [livejournal.com profile] ladynathena~<333 Both contain possible spoilers so please read with caution. I hope you enjoy it!

Behind the Mask [spoiler warning] )

Betrayal [spoiler warning] )


Precious Moment [spoiler warning] )
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Heeeeeeeeeey;;; Soo yea, I saw this drabble meme on the Chrno Crusade comm and decided to give it a shot. With much help from Loke~ I managed to come up with something so I figured I'd share it with you guys~<3 This is my first time writing a drabble soo p-please be gentle~ -TTWTT-;;; OTL

But nonetheless, hope you like it~<3

Last Breath: [spoiler warning] )


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