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Hey~ here are the drabbles I finished for the meme from this post~<333

*Note: All of these are subjected to minor edits and changes if I feel is necessary nor do they guarantee accuracy~ =TTWTT= <333 Just so you guys know~


Fandom: Peacemaker Kurogane
Characters: Yamazaki Ayume
Rating: PG
Word count: 151
Prompt: Apple
Disclaimer: I do not own Peacemaker or the characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

Potatoes, nappa, carrots, and the like, Ayunee looked in her basket as she doubled checked to make sure she had all the ingredients she needed for tonight’s dinner. Paying the gentlemen at the market, her eyes caught a glimpse of the shiny red apple, standing out amongst the rest that were still a bit green. She warmly smiled at it as she couldn’t help but think it was calling to her and decided to buy it as well.

Holding it in her hand as she stared at it during the walk home, the kunoichi was reminded of the little red-headed boy who had recently joined. His cheerful smile always seemed to lighten everyone’s mood. She only hoped that her younger brother would be drawn to him as the others have such in the manner that this fruit had called to her. Then perhaps one day, he would learn to smile again.


Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Kakashi and Sasuke
Rating: PG+
Word count: 178
Prompt: Banana
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or the characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

Since when did he end up becoming a caretaker for his students, the jounin thought to himself as he casually made his way towards Naruto’s house. Ah, that’s right. That day. He knew well since day one, Naruto would be lacking the proper nutrition but Sasuke too?

"Here, have a banana."

"What’s that for?"

"It’s called being healthy. Eat it. It’s good for you."

"Hn. How would you know what’s good for me."

"Hmmm, seems like you’ve been going to the bathroom quite frequently lately. It’ll help with it, you know. But if you're saying you don't want it then-"

"……All right, I’ll eat it."

Kakashi sighed and chuckled to himself as his unshielded eye softened a bit to further thoughts. He couldn’t blame either of them. Both alone, with no one to care for them. It had been the same for him after all with his own father’s death. He looked down at the basket of vegetable and fruits in hand and smiled. Well, he didn’t mind it that much. Those cute moments made it all worthwhile.


Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Characters: Hani
Rating: PG
Word count: 77
Prompt: Dancing
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] sephs_trooper

Round and round, there he went. The bunny and the boy purely content.
A shift of his body and off with a push. They spun and spun until they were mush.
Letting the centrifugal force work its magic, they hoped that things don’t end up tragic.
She laughed even with circles in her eyes. The bunny and the boy smiled and realize.
What fun and joy dancing can bring. Even if it pisses off their dramatic king.



Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Shader/Fiore
Rating: PG
Word count: 187
Prompt: Eating
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] haleysings

A crank of the can-opener and the sound of chopping on a cutting board. Both done for the same purpose, but what made the maid’s eye twitch with annoyance wasn’t because Shader wouldn’t feed herself. It was because she would opt to go for the canned tuna and live off of it for several days, weeks even, rather than balance her diet by consuming the right foods. No matter how many times she’d give the cat girl her little lectures on proper eating, it was always dismissed as being too much of a hassle. It wasn’t her duty after all.

Joshua, Shader, the ones living on Eden seemed to have too many likes and dislikes and too often at that. And how her master left it all to her was another story; though the responsibility was nice. Feeling instant gratification when she’d see those satisfied smiles and the stubborn frowns when they’d object to her claims. It was her duty to make sure everyone stayed healthy. So with a chop away and a word of advice, Fiore continued on as a maid, serving the people she loves.


Fandom: Gravitation
Characters: K
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 99
Prompt: Fifteen
Disclaimer: I do not own Gravitation or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

Fifteen. Fifteen was all he needed through out his typical day.

One for those early morning practice round.
Two through Yuki Eiri's window to be certain that he follows through as planned.
Three into the ceiling of a TV station, to grab the staff members attention in attempt to make an opening for the Band.
Four placed into Shuu's head for submission.
And lastly, five to keep Rage at bay while they make their escape.

All in all, well planned for a common day in the life of Klaude Winchester, Codename: K, world's greatest manager as so he claims.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Chrno/Aion
Rating: PG
Word count: 156
Prompt: Hat
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] haleysings

"The human world is something, isn't it?" Aion asked with a light snicker, taking one of the hats from the rack and placing it on top of his head. A cowboy hat, well suited for the Western World he was about to discover.

An outlaw freely roaming the vast sandy lands with his trusty companion by his side. "Here. Try this." He tossed another onto Chrno's head as he watched the other clumsily catch it, half unexpected of it. A tilt of his own hat with a sly violet iris peeking from underneath, Aion tugged around his neck and pulled him towards the mirror he was in front of. "Not bad at all, don't you think?"

Two similar reflections though distinct. One confident and one timid. "Nah, it looks better on you. I'll stick with this." Chrno pointed to his headband and Aion knew. A cowboy and an Indian. The first sign that marked their difference.



Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Viede
Rating: PG
Word count: 174
Prompt: Kitten
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] haleysings

"Meow", he heard. It was faint but certain that it was coming from just outside his window. Viede placed his book down and softly sighed as his cold-stoned eyes stared towards the sound. This wasn't going to do. He abruptly opened it wide, only to be greeted by piercing green eyes. A kitten amongst the tall grass.

"This is no place for you. It's best you leave immediately before the Boss finds you." He warned the feline but it was too late. It mewed in desperation as it approached closer, stopping just below him. A small drop of sweat running down the side of his face, Viede hesitated to those pleading eyes. He slowly gulped and glanced behind him then in front. With a small smile and a swoop of his hand, he carefully cradled the kitten into his big palm.

"All right. I shall vouch for you just this one night." He would have made Shader proud though this little meeting, he kept behind closed doors for his Lord would have thought otherwise.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Satella
Rating: PG
Word count: 91
Prompt: Live
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] othercat

10 years. Has it been that long?
Leaving my beloved country to search these new lands.
Wandering the streets endlessly until the break of dawn.
Torn and exhausted from the task at hand.
Heartbroken and frustrated by the end of the day to find that it wasn’t him; the hornless demon.
But even still, I advance day to day, in hopes to get my vengeance and to fulfill her wish.
Carrying with me the last words she had spoken in my arms, before taking her last true breath.
"Live, Satella, live."


Fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou
Characters: Natsume Takashi and Nyanko-sensei
Rating: PG+
Word count: 232
Prompt: March
Disclaimer: I do not own Natsume Yuujinchou or the characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

"It's already nearing the end of March, huh. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it, Nyanko-sensei?" The boy pondered as he stared out the window and slowly lowered his pencil.

"Hm~? What brought that up all of a sudden?" Spoke the lazy fortune cat, basking in the little bit of the sun coming through.

"I overheard the girls talking about planning for the Hanami (Flower Viewing)." He answered with a soft smile.

"What’s there to plan? You just go and watch." The cat cheekily remarked while scratching the back of his ear.

"…Of what food to make and bring." He added with a sly glance towards the feline.

"Hm. Hm. Like I said, planning is a veeeeeeeeeeery good thing. You should do it too. Make sure there’s lots of food and sake. You know… it’s essential for the offering." He wisely suggested with perked ears and nods of his head; A drool going unnoticed by its owner.

"…Right. And I don’t remember ever saying I was going;;;" The boy sighed with resentment. Clearly, the cat knew his priorities. He looked out the window again and weakly smiled. Maybe he’ll invite Tanuma, Taki, and even Natori-san this time. He smiled even more when he thought of who else would already be joining him to say farewell to the cold March days and to welcome the coming spring; who else but his dear unseen friends.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Father Remington
Rating: PG
Word count: 94
Prompt: Now
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] haleysings

From the young naïve boy to the hopefully wiser man.
How many steps have I taken to get this far?
How many lives have I saved and served?
How many times have I looked over my shoulder towards her?
How many did I need to look away and simply pray?
Through the streams of time these questions were answered.
Watching over those I love and care for.
My time will stop when yours do.
From the young naïve boy to the hopefully wiser man.
I am who I am now because of you two.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Joshua x Fiore
Rating: PG+
Word count: 208
Prompt: Petticoat
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] haleysings

“Fiore, why do you always have to give me so many carrots?” The boy grumbled as he played with his food, stabbing it, hoping it’d simply disappear off his plate.

“They are good for your health, Lord Joshua.” Fiore answered unfazed by his complaint.

He huffed and looked to the side towards his magazine when he recalled a particular page. A devious smirk painted his face as he thought of it more and slowly tracked his eyes back towards his maid. “Then…” He began while flipping through the flappy pages until he came across what he was looking for. Holding it up in front of the doll, he suggested with a seductive tone similar to the one of his own Master.

“Wear this for me and I promise I’ll eat them all without complaining.”

Fiore widened her eyes and turned around as she complied with a nod and her usual monotone voice answering “Yes, Lord Joshua.”

Joshua couldn’t help but lightly laugh to her unusual reaction and placed the book down. “You’d look cute in it, Fiore.” The page opened to a maid wearing a short petticoat and the words of encouragement were all that it took to make her blush even more than what she could manage.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Aion
Rating: PG
Word count: 121
Prompt: Queen
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] othercat

With a flick of the switch, the old study was light as Aion entered to find an old notebook he had complied over the years. Information about the apostles, their significance, legion, geas, Pandemonium in general, all written down to be sure that he hadn’t missed one detail. It was then when he noticed the dusty chessboard on top of the table, unfinished with really only several moves left to go. On half of the board remained five pieces minus the queen, tactically positioned around not the king but the queen of its opponent. The leader of the Sinners grinned widely as he took the piece and laid it down flat on the board, muttering the words “Down with the Queen.”


Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Characters: Jade and Saphir (Dist)
Rating: PG
Word count: 328
Prompt: Rubber band
Disclaimer: I do not own TotA or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

His solemn crimson eyes stared at the boy, hassling over his invention as he fiddled with the gear mechanism. Idiot. All he needed was a support around the cog and wheel and he would have been done. But his judgment was being clouded by petty details that really didn't matter in the end. There was only five minutes before the professor would come to check on each of their work and here he was struggling on something as little as that.

He tapped his finger on the table and glanced down at his own workstation, particularly at a single item. Looping a rubber band around his finger, he flung it hard towards him, deliberately aiming at his head to make sure he got his attention. Startled, the boy almost ended up dropping a piece of his work in the process but it was out of good intention. It was the only way without getting caught himself after all. When the other turned his head towards him in fury, Jade simply gave a knowing grin and pointed down to his solution. It wasn't long before he realized what it was for and immediately applied it to his invention.

Viola. A praise of word and a pat on his back later, the boy shyly looked his way again and sheepishly smiled, mouthing the words "Thank you." which took Jade by surprise. Though he couldn't hear it, it clearly showed on his face how sincere he was. Helping his fellow students was something that was always expected of him as the genius throughout the academy. Not once did he receive a true gratitude for his aid until now. He couldn't help but smile back as it marked the beginning of a new friendship. A small connection that lead to big things in the past. How wholehearted and naive he was. Who would have thought fate would be so cruel for them to end up fighting for different causes in the end.


Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Gwendal x Anissina
Rating: PG
Word count: 249
Prompt: Style
Disclaimer: I do not own KKM or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

A pop of his vein and a bang of his fists, it was the last straw that Gwendal was willing to take. How tiresome he grew day by day, having to deal with the damage that vile woman was causing, physically, mentally, and structurally. This castle wasn’t going to hold if this were to keep up. Yet again, something needed to be said.

So with a forced sigh, he stormed down the hall, guided by the cries for help as he made his way towards where she was. “That does it, Anissina--!” The eldest son began but he was only left to stand there in awe when he finally spots her in the distance.

She looked over her shoulder and turned to fully face him as her pigtails swung freely to the side. With her hands resting on her hips and a disgruntled look on her face, she demanded what it was he wanted to which his only response was a flustered face and a quick retreat. Unexpectedly taken, Gwendal immediately returned to his room as he stared at the sole item on top of his bed. He sat down and picked up his creation with both hands, terrified of his thoughts. The resemblance was too close to look pass. He closed his eyes and subconsciously muttered. “It’s cute.”

As much as he hated to admit it, he couldn’t help but find her hair style adorable, especially when it reminded him of his knitted bunny in similar clothing.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Joshua and Fiore (mention of Aion)
Rating: PG
Word count: 213
Prompt: Tailcoat
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] haleysings kinda;;;

"Why~ do I have to wear that, again?" Joshua asked with a magazine flapped over his face. His arm hanging over the couch in a sloth manner.

"Because we are to attend an important party, Lord Joshua." Fiore answered in the same manner as she always had, straight and monotone, as she held the white tailcoat up in front of her.

"And why~ can’t I wear a trench coat like Aion?" Joshua asked again; an eye peeping out to the side to glare at his maid annoyed.

"Because that is what was asked of me to have you wear, Lord Joshua." Fiore again answered with the patience of a Saint.

"I already don’t like it where there’s people. He could at least let me wear what I want." Joshua protested.

"I can ask Lord Aion if you wish, Lord Joshua." Fiore compromised.

"If you cou- ……" Joshua began and paused when he saw Aion in the hall. He slightly pouted and looked away as he mumbled to her, almost in embarrassment. "Fine. I’ll wear it."

When Fiore glanced behind her, she couldn’t figure out why he had so readily agreed all of a sudden. It was only Lord Aion talking to Viede wearing the same intended suit for the occasion; the white tailcoat.


Fandom: Chobits
Characters: Hideki x Chii
Rating: PG13
Word count: 312
Prompt: Undies
Disclaimer: I do not own Chobits or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] torrens_v_casus

Mototsuwa Hideki, 18, this could have possibly been the most embarrassing day of my life. Of course, it wasn’t her fault. In fact, her learning capabilities astound me to say the least! Repeating things by verbatim even… well, of course, she is a persocon after all. But it’s not to say I couldn’t have been prouder… if only she… haaaa…

It was on one of those rainy days. I decided to go window shopping with Chii. Now, now don’t get me wrong! It wasn’t like I planned it out so we’d be under one umbrella and on a date or anything perverse like that! Cough. A-Anyway! Everything was great. She seemed to be enjoying the stroll; going over words she’s just learned when… we passed the precise store. It was then when she pointed at a mannequin with excitement and loudly spoke those words as she then attempted to lift her skirt to show me.

“Hideki look! Undies! But that’s not how you’re supposed to wear it. You wear undies because they go under your clothes, right?” She happily smiled and waited for my usual pat on her head except my hands immediately reached for her hands, dropping the umbrella, which I ended up embracing her in public. In the 18 years of my life have I never done such a thing! I felt the suspicious eyes looking at me as well as hear the chuckles from the older ladies from behind us. I could have cried in shame on the spot but then… yes, but then she made everything in the world right. My worries lifted in a matter of seconds and all she did was hold me back as she softly spoke her name.

Mototsuwa Hideki, 18, this could have possibly been the most embarrassing day of my life, yet perhaps the best thing that could have happened to me.


Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Characters: Aion
Rating: PG
Word count: 96
Prompt: Voice
Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade or their characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] saramichiru

He had heard just as she had.
The millions of voices that coursed through his brain.
Edging to break his mind with the senseless truth.
Though one in particular always stood out.
Unlike the tones he was used to hearing, it was warm and gentle like no other.
Perhaps that was what gave him the strength on that given day.
To do what needed to be done in order to go beyond.
To liberate her from the chains that bound her.
The voice of Lilith calling to him with sweet grace, simply begging to be destroyed.



Fandom: Harukanaru Toki no Naka De
Characters: Tomomasa
Rating: PG+
Word count: N/A (Tanka format (5-7-5-7-7)
Prompt: Yellow
Disclaimer: I do not own Harukanaru toki no naka de or the characters.
Requested by: [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

Asa hi sasu
Te ashi karamari
Mi wo iyashi
Kiiroki hikari

In the morning sun
Hands and feet tangled
I heal this body of mine
As the yellow light
Shall continue to shine

Kiiroki tsubomi
Kimini sasageshi
Waga himegimiyo

On the road I loiter
A yellow flower bud
When found
I offer to you
My dear princess


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