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First off,

A Happy Happy Belated Birthday to Loke [livejournal.com profile] glitteringloke

And as a gift, I've roughly translated the Green Gunter book that she's been wanting me to translate for a long time but haven't gotten to till now OTL You'll have to excuse my grammar use =TTWTT= but enjoy~<3333

You could do it if you put your heart into it!

Author: Takabayashi Tomo

My arm flailed into the air in a sudden way.

“Welcome home, Heika.”

“Eh? Oh, yeah.”

Greta, Conrad, and I had to compensate for fooling around late at night by having to remove a cute-faced carbunkle [i'm guessing this], Otsubo-sama, on my knee, and so we went on a journey to Pakiri’s village; a young boy who we’ve just met. Even though we’ve been gone from the caste, it had only been a few days. It’s usually not the length of time where one normally has to worry.

However, the person in charge of taking care of the castle during our absence, Lord Günter von Christ is not normal. Because he’s beyond the overly protective mentor type, I bet when I return he’d be crying from deep emotion and joy and will embrace me while rubbing his tears and runny nose and the like all over me. I had envisioned that so I firmly planted myself and opened both arms, waiting for his extreme embrace. Simply put, I was the catcher type. If I prepared myself beforehand, I’d be able to suppress it and receive the least amount of damage that way.

However, this already composed Günter was the complete opposite of what I expected, bearing an elegantly demeanor. It may have just been my imagination but even the tone of his voice was quiet. I was surprised to the point of going beyond disappointment that I began to speak out almost to ask “my, now where has this fine butler come from?”

“I’m very pleased to see nothing has happened during your travels.”

“Did something happen?”

“Such as?”

“We haven’t seen each other for four, five days and you seem different (your mood changed) Günter. Did you get enlightened again or something?”

At that moment, Lord Günter von Christ narrowed both of his beautiful eyes and elegantly laughed. His facial features were pre-eminence to begin with so when he makes this sort of face, he was truly beautiful.

“Is it unpleasant (for him to be acting this way)?”

“No, not at all! Ummmm, uhh, it’s a good feeling, like an adult who could do his job.”

But with this “new Günter” continuing for ten days now, I felt like I was missing something. At first, it was just getting used to the weird (incompatible) feeling and it was fine. But within the passing two-three days, I began to feel as though I was the one out of place. And so, finally in my pitiful voice I sought help by asking Greta and Conrad who were out of the castle with me at the time, “Don’t you think Günter is kinda weird!?”.

“Right? He’s strange, right? Weird, right? Because not even once for these past ten days, did he come hug me or rubbed his cheek against me!? For more than a week, I didn’t get covered by his Gunjiru. That’s never happened before.”

Seriously, habits were a terrifying thing.

“The way he talks is different too, isn’t it? So suddenly, you know? While we were at Pakiri’s village, he suddenly looks good/cool like as if he’s some kind of enterprise elite businessman or something. Did you see the clothes he was wearing too? Did you? It wasn’t the honorable priest’s garb like it was before and more ‘adult’ like or a refined kind of…… sex appealed adult male like, don’t you think?”

With a serious face, Greta nodded while dipping the corner of a baked cookie in her black tea.

“I don’t know if it’s male exotic or anything like that but, Greta thinks Günter changed too.”

“I’m so glaaaad~ So it wasn’t just me/I wasn’t just imagining things.”

I stroke my chest in relief, as I heard my absentee groupie (The group that he’s always stuck with sitting at home or something like that;;; )’s confirmation of it.

Conrad started with a “Come to think of it,” as he dropped a spoonful of jam into my cup and spoke.

“He was like that in the past.”

“How long ago is that? In other words, you mean before I came?”

I wasn’t sure if he smiled just to be considerate of me but, he didn’t give a clear answer. But even a thickheaded guy like me knows, after being told so many times, you naturally understand. It’s probably stress. The excess stress that comes with being a mentor has made him become a broken man such as that.

“Günter broke because of me! Because I’m that ill-bred. Ah, damn, I’ve done a horrible thing.”

“I think it’s fine, besides it seems fun.”

Conrad consoled me by saying so but to think what I’ve done to one human….. no, mazoku of pressuring him until his personality crumbled. The more I thought about it, the more I felt bad about it. Even so, in all happiness, with some kind of trigger, Günter had once again become the former Lord von Christ he had been. I don’t know what kind of turning point came about while we were gone but, I wanted to be thankful of the cause of it.

However, seeing it differently from me, Greta muttered, dissatisfied with its conclusion.

“…But, that Günter that’s not dripping every where, doesn’t seem like Günter to me.”

“That’s right. That’s it, he’s missing the juice. How do I put it, it’s all dried up. Hmm he’s like really dry or like cool hmm…”

“That may be the fault of introducing my new ornament.”

Günter, who is the center of topic, walked in carrying a new teapot with a chicklet drawn on it. He was in the calm mannered “new Günter” mode today too. And to top it, the button on his chest, perhaps two, no three of them were undone. When normally, he’d be wearing his priest like garb with the collar closed to the point of wondering if it’s not too tight. A wild look where the front is opened so wide that it screams Worship my chest! Günter, it’s opened too much. Too much!

“What’s the new ornament?”

When his eyes met with mine, Lord von Christ simply placed a smile across his lips.
Even with his chest showing that much, he seemed more refined than barbaric. As expected of a noble.

“Indeed, though presumptuous, I’ve heard it was something that Heika yourself has placed onto your knees and so I’ve gotten the same with different colors.”

……I placed on my knees?

More so, in a different color?

“Oh no, Günter~ we’re talking about the new decoration. Why would I put any decorations on my knees. If I were to put anything on my knees it’d be like a legers or a protector…..”

While associating ideas about protecting my knees, unexpectedly, a tragedy that happened fifteen days ago re-surfaced in my mind. From inside a vase that I ecstatically opened the lid to, something in the form of a rubber ball bounced out, hitting wall to wall and in the end hitting me in the knee where it stuck on. No matter which ever way I looked at it, it had an eye and nose-like thing. It wasn’t until afterward, was it resolved as Anissina’s troublesome human faced carbuncle that she set in place of a gate watcher. And in order to get rid of it, we had to drain out the water portion of it and freeze dry it and overall was just a huge hassle to deal with.

Come to think of it, there were two vases. The one I opened, “Aoyoroshi (Blue ok)” and the one left in the castle “Akayoroshi (red ok)”. A terrifying answer came to mind as I subconsciously dropped my teaspoon.

“What… Günter, don’t tell me….. Did you open the lid to Aka Otsubosama (Red Vase-sama)?”

“The red vase?, Yes.”

“And so that thing that jumped out, it stuck to some part of your body!?”

“Yes, indeed tightly.”

“….Günter, that’s a nightmare ornament/decoration….”

And so there was another victim to the vase right here.

“What area is it stuck to?”

While holding down Greta who was more than willing to participate, Conrad and I peeked into Gunter’s clothing.

“Greta, you’re not allowed to look.”


Because where the human faced carbuncle was decorating was… his butt.

“Uwa~….. given the circumstances for such a location…. And I’m sorry that this sounds dirty (don’t know what a shimo is but I’m assuming it’s like absurd or rude or something along that line) but doesn’t it get in the way when you have to use a western style urinal?”

Literally, to the commonly phrased question, Conrad calmly answered.

“If it’s a urinal than he should be fine, don’t you think? Since the top is hollow?”

“Oh, true.”

“What does it look like~~? Greta wants to see tooooo~”

“I said no.”

That one seemed a lot bigger than the blue one that was stuck on me. It could be because it’s been ten days since it’s spawned, but even the facial expression seemed far more atrocious. Part of its mouth that curled to the side gave a smirk and if I were to point a finger at it, it was like an ill-bred stray cat that would threaten me saying “Shaaa (Hissss)!”

“Scary…. So this is how much it matures when it passes ten days… I’m really glad I got it off quickly.”

As soon as he heard those words, Günter's “New Günter” mode wavered.

“…..Did you just say, you had it removed?”

“Yeah. I got rid of mine as soon as I could. Maybe if I left mine on, I might have changed into someone elegant as you from the effects of the Otsubo-sama. But keeping that human-faced carbuncle on my body seems to have opposition so.”

“Y-You’ve gotten rid of it!?”

Günter turned to face me with his undergarment still left half down. Those ash-colored eyes are watering.

“Ah, those watery eyes! Don’t tell me you’re getting attached to it!? Uh, Günter, this thing isn’t like a cat or a bunny. It’s a human faced carbuncle. It’s just a welt that has a slightly matured face to it so don’t think and be like ‘my child is cuuuuuuuuute~’ or ‘who’s a little kitty cat~?’ Kindly talking to it before going to bed is prohibited too.”

“I-I’ve done no such thing however, I just……”

Not so much the juicy part but it seemed like the part where he’s easily moved to tears was slightly returning.

“I was just…. Sadden- shaken that…. I no longer have a ‘pair look’ with you, Heika.”

“You know, you can’t say having a human faced carbuncle attached to you be a paired look. It’s not a tattoo now.”

Out of the corner of my field of vision, I saw Conrad pick up Greta and carry her out of the room. Well, a story like this, I wouldn’t imagine a child wanting to hear about hygienics.

“But other than it, there isn’t one thing I possess that has a pair look with you, Heika so.”

“You don’t have to fuss over something like that.”
He muttered “Not one thing.” once more.

I let out a long deep sigh as I took in this feeling of shock and yet this somewhat ticklish (a feeling of being shyly touched by Günter’s actions) feeling. I gave an exaggerated shrug of my shoulders, bringing them up and down.

“Listen carefully, Günter. Well of course, we all wear the same uniform during a match. But then is it to say, we’re not part of the team when we’re not wearing a uniform? We’re friends, aren’t we?”

“Is that so?”

“I think so. You don’t?”

Günter slowly lifted his head and answered while combing through his bangs with his pale fingers. In opposite to my voice, his was mostly faint almost as if it’d vanish.

“If Heika believes so, than I do as well.”

“Right? So does everyone else. Günter, everyone.”

I extended both of my arms that were on my hips and placed them around his discouraged shoulders. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to do so due to the height restriction but today, all it took was to slightly get up on my toes. Günter had appeared smaller as he rounded his shoulders.

Goodness, when it comes to him. He was old enough to be an overprotective grandparent and yet, sometimes he’d do the most childish things.

“Hey, why don’t we discuss it with Anissina-san, and have her quickly get that thing off of you. We’ve got to hurry, that thing really has an atrocious face going on. I’m sure she’d use something like “Remove alchemy-kun” or “Rip off and feel better-kun” and would do something about it. She was saying that she could make an antidote within twenty days so, it’s four, five days early but she might already have it done by now.”

“However…… you’d-“

“Me, what?”

“You’d surely loathe me again.”

Just like a maiden, Günter spoke purely. While still showing half of his butt.

“If you take off this human faced carbuncle, I will yet again become the dripping Günter that I always was. Even if I were to borrow the powers of a welt, you’d much prefer the efficient, calm, and manly, new Günter I’m sure.”

“You’re an idiot, Günter!”

Seriously goodness, when it comes to him!

“I don’t think of you as a fabricated being. You were just trying to show me that you could be something amazing if you get serious, right?”

“Why Heika, I am always serious!”

“I know. Even if you’re drippy, or onto something, or when you’re skin-ship is excessive, you’re always serious. Even when you run away, dislike something, or is troubled you’re serious. You write the word serious and you read it as Maso (Masochist), right?”

How could I ever hate someone, who loves me to his fullest as he does?

“The Otsubo-sama was what was sucking the juices from him.”

Anissina-san spoke in a conclusive tone as always after seeing our mouths drop.

“That thing is weak to dryness after all. It must have been content absorbing the Gunjiru that’s been seeping out thus the growth. That is the reason why you were able to see a juiceless, ordinary, and different him. In other words, a fluid loss symptom with an adverse secondary reaction.”

And we were in a stupefied state following that.

“However, having it adhered to you to this extent, even my poisons will not remove it easily. You will be going through quite a bit of pain and regret but you do not mind, do you? Yes, you do not mind.”

On top of the desk that was meant to be used as an examination table, a fool with his back rounded with his round butt sticking out laid there. Even presented with such sight, Anissina-san didn’t once taint her cheeks red. More so, I was worried about Günter. Being presented in front of a woman like that, I hoped that alone wasn’t traumatic for him. "Now listen Yuu-chan, for hemorrhoid medical treatments, be sure to ask for a doctor of the same gender as you," was what my dad used to say every time he would get drunk, I think.

At any rate, sure enough what she was making wasn’t any medicine but poison. Besides that, what did she mean by regret….

“W-Wait a second, Anissina-san. Before you told me, if you had twenty days you’d be able to fix it. So if I had waited patiently for your medicine, it would have been harder to remove the thing from me too!?”

“I will not have you belittle me. Even if the word failure were to be listed within this poison woman’s dictionary, the word lie is not. When it comes to my new poison, ‘Seal remove remove (or at least I think it’s called this it’s shiirutoretore)’, from a wart that is smaller than a fingernail to an oozing welt that is said that a doctor nor a rotten hot water cannot fix, it can handle as one pleases. It will smoothly and clearly recover you. If it was Heika’s blue Otsubo-sama, twenty days after breeding, you would have been able to peel it off. Since that one will not precipitously mature.”

“T-Then why is it that Günter’s red Otsubo-sama, involves quite a bit of pain and trauma? Why did it mature so much!?”

“My, Heika, I haven’t told you?”

Anissina-san glanced once at the pale Gunter while holding up his swollen ass…. No, butt and informed me as if to imply that it was common sense.

“The red one is three folds faster.”

Date: Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 11:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] glitteringloke.livejournal.com

i really have no words... but he does look hot and sexy in that green shirt mmmmmmm


anyway, that poor boy needs some TLC to heal his rather disturbing wounds. i still love how the poor man was practically naked in front of yuuri XDDD

but he did get an earnest hug from yuuri ♥♥


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